This exquisite lever handle is made using the finest marbles including Black and Gold Portoro, White Onyx, Red Laguna and Green Guatemala. The marble is secured in place using solid brass, which is available in all our signature finishes.


Collett Zarzycki, a respected London interior design and architecture practice, and Joseph Giles, leading designers and manufacturers of luxury architectural ironmongery, partnered to create a stunning range of marble door and cabinet furniture for super prime developments.
The range which features the finest marbles including White Onyx, Green Guatemala, Red Laguna and Black and Gold Portoro provide the jewel-like finishing touches for the ultimate in luxury design schemes. The range includes a door pull, a lever handle and a selection of cabinet pulls. Many of the pieces have a cylindrical marble shaft, with minimalistic metal fixtures to ensure the marble remains the focal point.

As champions of classic contemporary style, Collett-Zarzycki delved into carefully curated design references for inspiration, such as the beautiful opulence of the 1930s. From this, the design team envisioned this collection of ironmongery perfectly adorning and cohering with the buildings of the pioneer architects/designers of the period, such as Jose Plecnik and Adolf Loos.

Joseph Giles understood their design idea and explored the possibilities to bring their vision to life. This was particularly challenging as marbles are delicate materials to work with both for shaping and finishing, but also when used in their finished form.

Joseph Giles LV1096 Lever Set

SKU: LV1096