The ‘Ashworth’ door lever handles are made from the finest grade solid brass and are hand finished in all our signature finishes. Our lever handles come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.


The ‘Ashworth’ collection pays homage to the form and function of the Bauhaus movement. Walter Gropius, the founder of the movement, designed a door handle which epitomised ‘Bauhaus’ ideologies in the 1920s, and despite being almost 100 years old, remains a popular choice for architects and interior designers alike.


While there have been several replicas of this prestigious design over the years, Joseph Giles wanted to extend the concept further by experimenting with other products and textures. The result of which is the ‘Ashworth’ collection. As the lever handle design was created by Gropius himself, we wanted to remain faithful to his concept. We have, however, made some aesthetic changes to bring it up to date with current trends, including tweaking the dimensions, materials and offering a variety of finishes. These lever handles are a real triumph; we believe they capture the very essence of the movement, while at the same time evolving the design into other products, which is ideal for bringing a design scheme together.

Joseph Giles LV1086 Lever Set

SKU: LV1086