The ‘Fonteyn’ lever handles are made from the finest grade solid brass and are hand finished in all our signature finishes. Our lever handles come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.


Inspired by the elegant touches of a bygone era, the slender form of the ‘Fonteyn’ lever handle is uniquely distinctive. Thoroughly modern in concept, its quality and simplicity allow it to have a design that will endure.


The ‘Fonteyn’ is inspired by the iconic Margot Fonteyn, a beautiful and graceful ballerina who performed for the Royal Ballet. Her supreme command of ballet earned her the status of Prima Ballerina Absoluta, as appointed by the Queen; cementing her as an icon of elegance and agility. And like that of a ballerina, the ‘Fonteyn’ collection is finely balanced, elegant and truly something to behold.

Joseph Giles LV1045 Lever Set

SKU: LV1045