The ‘WEDGE’ door lever handles are made from finest grade solid brass and are hand finished in all the standard Joseph Giles finishes. Our lever handles come with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.


Our ‘Wedge’ design was inspired by a true British icon, the Jaguar E type. Globally renowned for its beautiful aesthetic, power and luxurious experience, this classic car, whilst manufactured in the 60s and 70s remains recognised as one of the most beautiful cars of all time.


The ‘Wedge’ pays homage to the chrome trim on the Jaguar, which perfectly accentuates the contours of the car. We took this inspiration and applied it to door furniture. Each piece is tactile and designed for fluidity and function, complementing and accentuating the features of a beautiful room. And, like the engine of a fine car, our products are designed to go the distance. Made from the finest grade solid brass, the ‘Wedge’ will last a lifetime.

Joseph Giles LV1005 Lever Set

SKU: LV1005