The ‘Dewhurst’  is inspired by the glitz and glamour of Manhattan circa the 1920s, when Art Deco reigned.  We wanted to capture the extravagance of a fizzing bottle of champagne, the blaring sound of a saxophone, or a beautiful beaded flapper dress, and condense it into fine design that evokes nostalgia.  And so, as a member of this beautiful collection, the ‘Dewhurst’ cabinet pull follows suit.  With Art Deco motifs, such as the cascading solid brass that creates texture and aesthetic, and the beautiful stem it rests on, this cabinet pull creates harmony in your space similar to the melody of a jazz song.  Bold and refined, this piece is perfect for creating a statement that will hit all the right notes in your home.


Finest grade solid brass cabinet pull from the Dewhurst family. These items are made and finished by hand and are available in a range of finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.



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