The beautiful circular motif on this cabinet pull was inspired by the decorative cases of antique pocket watches. From the 16th Century to World War I, pocket watches were in vogue. Almost every man carried one of these practical accessories, fastened with a delicate chain often looped through the buttonhole on a waistcoat, in order to keep track of the passing day, and although not as popular today, it remains a symbol of class and elegance.


We know that hardware is a small part of a design scheme, however, it is these little accents and touches which elevate the design scheme and has a hand in bringing a theme together. The ‘Remmington’ cabinet pull seeks to revive this beauty by way of a luxury accessory for a design scheme. Like the pocket watch, it is compact, appealing and very practical.

Joseph Giles understood their design idea and explored the possibilities of bringing their vision to life.  Mirroring the marble collection in size and shape, these exquisite cabinet pulls are crafted from one single piece of glass clasped by a solid brass stem. As light freely travels through the cabinet pull, the aesthetic is stunning, unique, and fits perfectly within a wide range of design schemes. Borosilicate glass is renowned for its extreme strength and durability; being the material of choice for optical lenses, this gives the cabinet pulls unparalleled clarity and a flawless appearance. The glass is set alongside the finest grade solid brass with minimalistic metal fixtures to ensure the glass remains the focal point.


The range also includes door pulls and a selection of lever handles.


Finest grade solid brass cabinet pulls from the ‘Remmington’ family, made and finished by hand. They are available in two sizes and all our signature finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.



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