The Georgian times were monumental in shaping Britain’s history. It was an era revered for its artistic figures, such as John Keats, William Wordsworth and Jane Austen, and during a time that lay on the cusp of the industrial revolution; in which new technologies would burst forth and modernise society. Many design motifs have persisted from this era (and rightly so, as they are both practical as well as beautiful), such as the reeded motif often seen on ironmongery of this time.


Joseph Giles loved this classic design and wanted to emulate it on other materials such as glass. The way in which this product is made is indeed a spectacle, the glass is shaped using specially designed tools, and the reeded motif is applied by hand while the glass is molten. The level of craftsmanship and skill that goes into the creation of a Joseph Giles product is unsurpassed, and this cabinet pull is a classic example of this.


The CP1016 is our homage to Georgian designs and allows one to bring a special lustre into their space.


Crystal glass cupboard pull with hand reeded rings mounted on a solid brass base. These beautiful pulls are available in all our signature finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.



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