The CH1077 is a solid brass handle which pays homage to the simple thumbscrew. We often take inspiration from items around us, particularly for textured items which have tactile qualities. Thumbscrews usually have diamond knurling on their edges; this is for the practical purpose of ensuring sufficient purchase to turn the screw. Applying a knurled texture to decorative items, such as cabinet ware provides a more tactile experience and elevates the aesthetics of the furniture it is fixed to.


The handle is smooth and cylindrical and our variety of finishes complement the design perfectly. While this product would complement a range of design styles, we believe it would be best suited to modern contemporary schemes.


As craftsmen, the small details, like screws, which are often overlooked, are precious to us; and we are proud to honour the classic thumbscrew in our CH1077.


These intricately detailed ‘Ripley’ cabinet handles are made from the finest grade solid brass. They are available in two sizes and all of our signature finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.


  • Code      A      B    C
    CH1077.01 128mm 192mm 39mm
    CH1077.02 192mm 254mm 39mm


    A - Center To Center Dimension 

    B - Full Lenghth 

    C - Height from bottom to the top









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