The ‘Montgomery’ cabinet handles with knurling detail are made from the finest solid brass. They are available in two sizes and all our signature finishes. They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.


This ‘Montgomery’ design began with a lever handle, inspired by the bar and clasp design often found in jewellery, in which the bar loops through a circular clasp securing the item in place. This is emulated into our design, which features the motif of the grip passing through the stem. John Harwood, our veteran product designer and director, added a special touch to the product – an indentation at the end, adding a tactile flourish.


Motorbikes inspired the knurled texture applied to this design and provides an entirely different look and experience. The piece mimics the texture found on bike handles which provides a firm grip and command on the road.


This design expanded into other products including cabinet handles, offering a beautiful accent to any space and the prestige of one of our most popular designs. The handles would pair well with our other Montgomery products but are versatile enough to fit into a range of different design schemes seamlessly.

Joseph Giles CH1075 Cabinet Handle

SKU: CH1075