Made from the finest grade solid brass, our ‘Ledge’ cabinet handles are made and finished by hand. They are available in five sizes and our signature finishes.


The ‘Ledge’ cabinet handle is true to its form: what you see is what you get. It’s constructed using the finest solid brass to give it a sturdy and practical form. This handle will last for many years, ensuring it always remains a faithful accent to your design scheme.


One of our modern classics, the ‘Ledge’ collection features products that were created to fill the gap in the market for sturdy, solid brass handles. Simple, yet timelessly elegant, this design was inspired by minimalist architecture. We are often inspired by our travels and loved the clean lines of Italian furniture and architecture, and wanted to develop a design which complemented this clean aesthetic. The idea of functional, beautiful designs has been a firmly rooted concept for us since we began the business back in 1998. Our ‘Ledge’ range pays homage to these Italian discoveries, combining understated elegance with purpose.

Joseph Giles CH1017 Cabinet Handle

SKU: CH1017