The Bailey range was inspired by the London Underground; the illustrious network of subways that allow millions to travel across our grand city every day.  The unique feature of our Bailey products is the barred circle design, created by the linear handle merging with the cylindrical base.  This is inspired by the London Underground logo, dubbed the “roundel”, which employs the same motif.  The logo, first conceptualised in 1905, was originally a blue bar over a red disk; made to make passengers aware of the station name.  Over the years, the logo has undergone some minor changes, but remains largely the same; a testament to its iconic design.  The vast expanse of routes, all with their own colour, is an example of a sublime form of organised chaos; each commuter knowing their direction and place within it.  Add a touch of this unconventional harmony into your space with the enticing Bailey range.


Finest grade solid brass cabinet handle from the ‘Bailey’ family – made and finished by hand to exacting standards.  Available in three sizes and a range of finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.


  • Code      A      B    C
    CH1002.02 192mm 216mm 36mm
    CH1002.04 288mm 312mm 36mm


    A - Center To Center Dimension 

    B - Full Lenghth 

    C - Height from bottom to the top









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