Bjorn Collection is a supplier of luxury hardware and bathroom fixtures used on exclusive residential and hospitality projects across North America. We have partnered with award-winning craftsman and designers from around the world to bring exceptional design pieces to your projects.

Founded in 2015, Bjorn has built its brand on its love for design, quality manufacturing, and commitment to providing high-quality products that enhance everyday life. We not only have a fantastic range of standardized products but love the challenge of a custom project. This capability has been the reason we have been chosen as the vendor of choice on some of the most prominent residential and commercial projects in the United States.

​When working with Bjorn Collection, there is so much more than just our beautiful products. We are all about providing outstanding service and helping you bring your projects and vision to life. We offer in-office consultations, sample review meetings, site visits, project meetings, detailed pictorial hardware schedules, and really are an extension of your team.

Today we are recognized as industry leaders in our field, something we are extremely proud of. Please contact us about your project for we would love to work with you!